Euphranta Siruvani | UPSC | Explained

Euphranta Siruvani | UPSC | Explained | Why In News ?

A new species of fruit fly which was discovered from Coimbatore district

About Euphranta Siruvani : 

  • This fruit fly belongs to the Tephritidae family in a non-forest area near Siruvani.
  • It differs from other species of Euphranta by the ‘V’ shaped black band on the fruit fly wings.
  • This fruit fly lays eggs in fruits.
  • More information about this species has not been found yet.
  • Currently 104 species of fruit fly from the genus Euphranta are found worldwide.
  • 14 of these 104 species are found in India.
  • This species is reported from the Siruvani which is an ecological hot spot located in the Western Ghats of India

Key Facts ; 

Family Tephritidae family
HabitatWestern Ghats 

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