Rare Yellow Turtle UPSC | Species In news

Rare Yellow Turtle UPSC | Species In news | Why In News ?

Rare Yellow Turtle Caught in West Bengal’s East Midnapore

Rare Yellow Turtle UPSC | Species In news

About Rare Yellow Turtle : 

  • This turtle is also known as “Indian flap shell turtle”. 
  • This turtle is commonly found in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. 
  • It is omnivorous
  •  whose diet includes frogs, snails, and even some aquatic vegetation.
  • The creature’s color is due to albinism.

Critically Endangered Species In India UPSC | Explained

What is albuminism:

Wildlife Protection Act 1972 UPSC | Explained

  • Albinism is a type of genetic disorder that occurs in the skin, eyes and hair, or in the pimples, feathers, or back of other species.
  • It is a congenital disorder and it is characterized by complete or partial absence of tyrosine pigment.

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