Ypthima Watsoni Butterfly | UPSC | IUCN Status

Ypthima Watsoni Butterfly | UPSC | IUCN Status | Why In The News ?

Recently, a team of wildlife researchers has rediscovered the ‘Ypthima watsoni’ butterfly after 61 years near a village called Phuldungsei in Jampui Hills under the North Tripura district.

About Ypthima Watsoni Butterfly : 

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  • It is a species of Satyrinae butterfly and commonly known as ‘Looped threering’. 
  • It was distributed in Assam, Myanmar and Thailand. 
  • It belonged to the family Nymphalidae of the insect order Lepidoptera.
  • The species was last seen in the year 1958 in Manipur.
  • Commonly known as ‘Looped three-ring
  • The wingspan is 30 – 40 mm in males and 32 – 38 mm in females.
  • Adults are on a wing year-round with peaks in summer and Autumn in southern Africa.
  • There is only one generation in one year.

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Key Facts About Ypthima : 

Species Name Ypthima Watsoni
Other Name Looped threering Or Looped three-ring
Family Nymphalidae
Habitat & Distribution 
  • Assam
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand. 
Genus Ypthima

Other Species 

  • Ypthima Affectata
  • Ypthima Akbar
  • Ypthima Albipuncta
  • Ypthima Ancus
  • Ypthima Antennata
  • Ypthima Arcota


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