Mongolian Kanjur | UPSC

Mongolian Kanjur | UPSC | Why in the news?  

  • The Ministry of Culture has taken up the project of reprinting 108 volumes of Mongolian Manuscripts under the National Mission for Manuscript, NMM.
Mongolian Kanjur | UPSC
Mangolian Manuscripts

About Mangolian Kanjur :

  • Mongolian Kanjur, is considered to be the most important Buddhist religious text in Mongolia.  
  • In the Mongolian language, “Kanjur‘ means ‗Concise Orders‘- the words of Lord Buddha. 
  • It is the Buddhist canonical text in 108 volumes. 
  • It is considered to be the most important religious text in Mongolia. 
  • It is held in high esteem by the Mongolian Buddhists and they worship the Kanjur at temples and recite the lines of Kanjur in daily life as a sacred ritual.
  • The Kanjur are kept in almost every monastery in Mongolia. 
  • The Mongolian Kanjur has been translated from Tibetan. 
  • The language of the Kanjur is ‘Classical Mongolian’ which is a source of providing a cultural identity to Mong

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National Mission For Manuscripts :

  •  It was established in February 2003, by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture
  • It is a unique project in its programme and mandate which seeks to unearth and preserve the vast manuscript wealth of India. 
  • The Mission has the mandate of identifying, documenting, conserving and making accessible the manuscript heritage of India. 
  • It is working towards fulfilling its motto i.e. ‘conserving the past for the future’. 

About the project-

  • The Ministry of Culture has taken up the project of reprinting under the National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM).
  • This work is being carried out under the supervision of eminent Scholar Prof. Lokesh Chandra.
  • The first set of five volumes of Mongolian Kanjur published under the NMM was presented to the President of India on the occasion of Guru Purnima, also known as Dharma Chakra Day, on 4th July 2020.
  • The NMM was launched in February 2003 by the Government of India, with the mandate of documenting, conserving and disseminating the knowledge preserved in the manuscripts.

MCQ Based On Mangolian Kanjur

Q. Mongolian Kanjur is an important religious text of which religion?

  1. Jainism
  2. Buddhism
  3. Hinduism
  4. None Of The Above

Q 2 : Mongolian Kanjur was seen in news. Which of the following correctly describes it?

  1. These are Mangolian temple belongs to Buddhism.
  2. These are sacred words of Lord Buddha in Mangolia.
  3. These are Magolian form of Jainism practised today in the region.
  4. These are religious sanctions practised in Mangolia.

Answers : 

  1. Buddhism
  2. These are sacred words of Lord Buddha in Mangolia.

Source: PIB

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