Noor Inayat Khan UPSC

Noor Inayat Khan UPSC | Why In The News ? 

World War II spy Noor Inayat Khan is now the first woman of Indian origin to be commemorated by the distinct blue London plaque.

About Noor Inayat Khan : 

  • Noor INAYAT KHAN, was born in Moscow to an Indian father and an American mother
  • Her family moved to London and then to Paris during the First World War
  • In November 1940, she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, an arm of the UK’s Royal Air Force to train as a wireless operator. 
  • She then did a stint at the secret intelligence organisation set up by Winston Churchill called Special Operations Executive (SOE). 
  • She was the only Indian-origin woman to have worked as a Special Operations Executive (SOE) in World War II.
  • She was just 29 then, and had signed up for a job in which people were not expected to be alive for longer than six weeks. 
  • She became the first radio operator to be sent to Paris to work for SOE’s Prosper resistance network under the codename Madeleine. 
  • Khan was arrested in 1943 .
  • She was executed at the Dachau concentration camp in southern Germany near Munich. 
  • Noor was awarded the highest honour in the UK, the George Cross, in 1949
  • The French Croix de Guerre with the Silver Star posthumously Was Awarded . 

Awards & Honours : Dara Shikoh UPSC

  • UK, the George Cross, in 1949
  • The French Croix de Guerre with the Silver Star
  • In 2014, Britain’s Royal Mail had issued a postage stamp in honour of Noor.
  • In 2012, a memorial with a bust of Noor was unveiled in London by Princess Anne.
  • She was honoured with a blue plaque

What was Noor’s connection to India?

  • She was connected to India through her father Inayat Khan.
  • He was founder of the Sufi Order of the West, which is now known as the Inayati Order.
  • He had migrated to the West as n Hindustani classical musician, and then moved to teaching Sufism.
  • Inayat Khan was born in Baroda.
  • His maternal grandfather was the noted musician Ustad Maula Bakhsh Khan, who founded the music academy Gyanshala, which now serves as the Faculty of Performing Arts at Maharaja Sayajirao University.
  • Maula Bakhsh’s wife, Qasim Bibi, was a granddaughter of Tipu Sultan of Mysore.
  • Inayat returned to India in 1926 and chose the site of his burial at the Nizamuddin Dargah complex in New Delhi.
  • The Inayat Khan dargah still stands in a corner of the complex.

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