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Khudiram Bose | UPSC | Why In The News ?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently visited the native village of Bengali revolutionary Khudiram Bose in Midnapore, West Bengal.

About Khudiram Bose : 

  • Born in 1889
  • Bose is highly regarded in Bengal for his fearless spirit. 
  • Unlike other leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, however, Khudiram’s legacy has been largely limited to Bengal.  
  • In 1905, when Bengal was partitioned, he actively participated in protests against the British.  
  • At the age of 15, Bose joined the Anushilan Samiti, an early 20th century organisation that propounded revolutionary activities in Bengal.
  • The deciding moment of Bose’s life came in 1908 when he along with another revolutionary, Prafulla Chaki were assigned the task of assassinating the district magistrate of Muzaffarpur, Kingsford.

Assassination attempt on Kingsford: Suranga Bawadi | UPSC

  • Young revolutionaries like Hemchandra Kanungo and Barindra Kumar Ghosh, who learnt bomb-making techniques, chose Douglas Kingsford as their target.
  • Meanwhile, Kingsford was transferred by the government to Muzaffarpur in Bihar.
  • In 1908, Prafulla Chaki and Khudiram Bose went to Muzaffarpur with a bomb provided to him by Hemchandra.
  • Chaki and Bose threw the bomb on what they believed were the carriage carrying Kingsford and his wife but mistakenly threw it on another carriage killing the wife and daughter of a British Barrister.

Hanging of Khudiram Bose:

  • Prafulla Chaki killed himself before he could be arrested.
  • On July 13, 1908, Khudiram Bose was sentenced to death after a historic trial, and was executed on August 11, 1908.

Sri Aurobindo Ghose : 

  • Sri Aurobindo Ghose (1872-1950) was a revolutionary leader of Indian Freedom struggle.
  • He helped establish the Anushilan Samiti of Calcutta in 1992.
  • He started an English newspaper called Vande Mataram and contributed articles in the magazine Jugantor.
  • In 1908, he was arrested in connection with the Alipore Conspiracy Case or Alipore Bomb Case.
  • In his later life, he turned into a spiritual Guru and established his ashram in Puducherry, where he died.

Source : Indian Express 

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