Intranasal Vaccine BBV154 UPSC | Explained | Advantages

Intranasal Vaccine BBV154 UPSC | Explained | Advantages | Why In The News ?

In another two to two-and-a-half months, Bharat Biotech is going to have significant data on its intranasal COVID-19 vaccine whose clinical trials are under way.

Key Points :

  • New vaccine being developed by Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech is BBV154 – A novel adenovirus vectored, intranasal vaccine for COVID-19
  • Intranasal vaccine is a vaccine administered to a person via the nose and does not require a needle.

Developed By : 

  • Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech

Intranasal Vaccine BBV154 UPSC | Explained | Types Of Covid -19 Vaccines

What is Intranasal Vaccine?

  • Vaccines are administered as injectable shots into the muscles(intramuscular). Or the tissue just between the skin and the muscles(subcutaneous).
  • However, with intranasal vaccines, the solution is sprayed into the nostrils and inhaled instead of injecting it.

Advantages Intranasal Vaccine BBV154 : Microplastics PollutionIn Ganga River | UPSC

  • An intranasal vaccine stimulates a broad immune response – neutralizing IgG, mucosal IgA, and T cell responses.
  • Immune responses at the site of infection (in the nasal mucosa) – essential for blocking both infection and transmission of COVID-19.
  • The nasal route has excellent potential for vaccination due to the organized immune systems of the nasal mucosa.
  •  Non-invasive, Needle-free.
  •  Ease of administration – does not require trained health care workers.
  •  Elimination of needle-associated risks (injuries and infections).
  •  High compliance (Ideally suits for children’s and adults).
  •  Scalable manufacturing – able to meet global demand.

Clinical trials :

  • On recommendation by the Subject Expert Committee (SEC) under the Indian drug regulator, the company is going to conduct phase 1 clinical trials using 75 volunteers and submit safety and immunogenicity data for the committee’s consideration before it proceeds to the second phase of the trial.

Source : Bharat Biotech 



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