IAS Officer Salary In 2022 | IAS Salary Per Month In India

IAS Officer Salary In 2021 During Training & ServiceThe Government of India implemented the recommendations of the 7th pay commission in 2016. Though the Central Government accepted the 7th Pay Commission recommendations but with some modifications. All the IAS officers selected do not hold the post of the Cabinet Secretary but the candidates who top the IAS exam got the opportunity to become the Cabinet Secretary. In this Post, We are Sharing Full Details About the Salary Of An IAS Officer in India During training And During On Duty. UPSC Exam Pattern 2021 | Prelims | Mains | Personality Test

IAS Officer Salary In 2021 | IAS Salary Per Month In India


Salary Structure of IAS Officers After  7th Pay Commission

Pay Level Basic Pay(INR) Post
District Administration State Secretariat Central Secretariat
10 56100 Sub-Divisional Magistrate Undersecretary Assistant Secretary
11 67,700 Additional District Magistrate Deputy Secretary Undersecretary
12 78,800 District Magistrate Joint Secretary Deputy Secretary
13 1,18,500 District Magistrate Special Secretary-cum-Director Director
14 1,44,200 Divisional Commissioner Secretary-cum-Commissioner Joint Secretary
15 1,82,200 Divisional Commissioner Principal Secretary Additional Secretary
16 2,05,400 No Equivalent Rank Additional Chief Secretary No Equivalent Rank
17 2,25,000 No Equivalent Rank Chief Secretary Secretary
18 2,50,000 No Equivalent Rank No Equivalent Rank Cabinet Secretary of India

IAS Pay Level and Posts In India

The salary of an IAS officer is further explained as per the number of service years and the Pay Level as following.

UPSC Notification 2021 | Eligibility, Date, Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Pay Level
(years in service)
Basic Pay


(1-4 years)
56100 The sub-divisional magistrate in District Administration
Undersecretary in State Secretariat
Assistant Secretary in Central Secretariat
(5-8 years)
67,700 Additional district magistrate in District Administration
Deputy Secretary in State Secretariat
Under-Secretary in Central Secretariat
(9-12 year)
78,800 District magistrate in District Administration
Joint Secretary  in State Secretariat
Deputy Secretary in Central Secretariat
(13-16 years)
1,18,500 District magistrate in District Administration
Special secretary-cum-director  in State Secretariat
Director in Central Secretariat
(16-24 years)
1,44,200 Divisional commissioner in District Administration
Secretary-cum-commissioner in State Secretariat
Joint Secretary in Central Secretariat
(25-30 years)
1,82,200 Divisional commissioner in District Administration
Principal Secretary in State Secretariat
Additional secretary in Central Secretariat
(30-33 years)
2,05,400 Additional Chief Secretary in State Secretariat
(34-36 years)
2,25,000 Chief Secretary in State Secretariat
Secretary in Central Secretariat
(37+ years)
2,50,000 Cabinet Secretary of India
Junior Scale Grade
  • Sub-Divisional Magistrates (SDMs)
  • Sub-Divisional Officers (SDOs)
  • Sub-Collector (After completion of Two- years of Completion)
Senior Time Scale Grade
  • District Magistrate (DM)
  • Collector 
  • Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry
Junior Administrative Grade
  • Special Secretary to the Government of India 
  • Head of Various Government Departments in the state government
Selection Grade
  • Secretary to a Ministry
  • Director in a field organization
Super Time Scale
  • Principal Secretary
Above Super Time Scale
  • This grade is assigned after 20 years of service.
  • He / She Can be Appointed On Any Senior Post By Government.
Apex Scale
  • Chief Secretary of States
  • Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of Government of India such as Home Secretary, Finance Secretary
Cabinet Secretary Grade
  • Cabinet Secretary is the top officer of India.


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